How Can You Identify Scammers From Ghana?

Kevin Dodge/Blend Images/Getty Images

One way to identify scammers from Ghana is by noticing patterns in communications, such as when a correspondent from Ghana asks for friendship or a romantic encounter online and quickly makes the discussions intimate. Another indication is when they seek monetary aid for any reason but usually for health or legal pursuits.

As of 2015, Internet scams are a common occurrence. Take precautions before sending anyone online money by using a list of scam indicators to compare your situation. Some of these indications include that you have not met the person face to face or you are told the person is going to inherit or claim a large sum of money so he will pay you back. Another common indication of a scam is you have frequently purchased visas, plane tickets or paid to bribe “corrupt” officials to provide the person with a way to come and see you but the person always has a reason he cannot make it.

Another way to identify a Ghana scammer is to check the grammar and spelling of all written correspondence. Often, the contents of romantic communications are copied and pasted from other websites, including all errors. Report any perceived scams to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, as well as the website where the person first contacted you. It is next to impossible to recover money in these scams, so be cautious of any monetary transactions with people you have never met, and never grant someone access to your bank accounts or credit cards.