How Can You Hotwire a Four Wheeler?

To hotwire a four wheeler, the ignition system cover should be removed first. The screws are usually located directly underneath the steering wheel. Unplug the wires attached to the ignition system. Strip the two red wires and connect them together, then strip the two brown wires and connect them together. When the engine starts, disconnect the two brown wires.

When the two red wires are connected, the electronic items in the car (such as the dashboard indicators and radio) should power up. Connecting the two red wires completes the power circuit and provides electricity to the car. The two brown wires control the starter motor. When they’re connected, the circuit is completed and the starter motor turns over.

The turning over of the starter motor rotates the pistons, pulling fuel into the cylinders and powering the spark plugs. The spark plugs generate sparks that light the fuel. When the fuel is ignited, the resulting explosion pushes the pistons. This pulling-in of fuel and the explosion is repeated by the motions of the piston, providing a chain reaction. Pushing down on the gas pedal adds more fuel to the cylinders, resulting in quicker explosions and more power to drive the wheels.