How Can You Hotwire a Chevy Truck?

Rick Rusing/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To hotwire a Chevy truck, the panel covering the ignition system and steering column should be unscrewed and removed. The screws are usually located directly underneath the steering wheel. Next, the wires that are connected to the ignition system must be disconnected. Strip the two red wires, and connect them together. Next, strip the brown wires, and connect them together, when the engine starts disconnect the brown wires.

The ignition system works as a switch with 2 modes. When the key is turned one notch (or two notches in cases of cars with steering wheel locks), the red wires are connected, completing the power circuit and providing electricity to the car. When the key is turned to the second mode, this connects the two brown wires together. The brown wires are part of the circuit for the starter motor. When they are connected, the power circuit that was completed by the first notch is fed to the starter motor. The starter motor turns the engine, which pulls fuel in to the cylinders. The spark plugs are also given power, as the sparks ignite the fuel in the cylinder, and the recurring explosion of fuel pushes the piston.

The starter motor should be disconnected when the engine starts. The internal combustion starts a chain reaction which keeps fuel flowing into the engine, powering the spark plugs and providing repetitive combustion inside the cylinders. The pistons are pushed by the explosion, and the resulting kinetic energy is used to drive the wheels, and in many cases the alternator. The alternator is an electricity generator that is turned by the engine, and as it turns, it charges up the car’s battery.