How Can I Get My Headphones to Work on My Computer?

Chad Springer/Image Source/Getty Images

You can get your headphones to work by inserting the plug into the headphone port on the computer. This port is located either on the front, the back or the side of the computer depending on whether it is a laptop or a desktop.

  1. Turn on the computer

    Power on the computer, and let the operating system start up completely. Make sure you hear the log-on sound as it boots up. If you see a red no symbol over the speaker icon, unmute the speaker to hear sound once you plug in the headphones.

  2. Plug in the headphones

    Install any software that comes with your headphones before plugging them into the computer. Look for the headphone port on the computer; it has a headphone symbol above or below the port. Turn up the volume on the headphones if they have their own volume adjustment dial. Set the computer volume midway.

  3. Play a video or music file

    Load a video or music file into your computer player. Turn the volume up on the player. If you do not hear sound, double-click the speaker icon on your computer to open the properties. Uncheck the mute tick boxes, and play the file again.