Where Can You Find Gas That Does Not Contain Ethanol?

Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

Pure-Gas.org and Buy Real Gas provide directories of gas stations in the United States and Canada that offer ethanol-free gas. Both sites leverage Google Maps to display the location of each gas station on a map.

Pure-Gas.org contains an inventory of ethanol-free gas stations across all 50 states as well as many Canadian provinces. As of 2015, the site claims to have an inventory of 9,813 stations. A user can click on a state abbreviation or Canadian province to produce a list of gas stations offering “pure gas.” The city, brand, octane, name of the station and phone number are provided. The site also has a nationwide map of the U.S. and Canada with listings on Google Maps of its gas stations. Users can zoom in on a region or state to find a local station.

The Buy Real Gas website allows a user to select any of the 50 states and, via Google Maps, instantly view gas stations identified as selling ethanol-free gasoline. The inventory of locations is more limited than Pure-Gas.org. The Buy Real Gas website recommends calling a gas station to ensure it sells ethanol-free gasoline before visiting it. This site blames ethanol fuel for higher corn prices, because the use of corn in ethanol fuel reduces the supply for eating and drives up the food price of corn.