How Can You Find Frequencies on RadioReference?

Find radio frequencies on by accessing its database and selecting the desired state and city from the map or the drop-down menus located below the map. The map uses color-coding to indicate which radio frequency databases have been updated in the past 24 hours or week for each state. also features an option to search for information regarding trunked radio systems and the Federal Communications Commission data, including call signs, licenses and entities.

Navigate to, move your mouse pointer over the Databases button, and select the Frequency Database option. If the page doesn’t display the map of the United States by default, select it from a drop-down menu next to the Choose Country option. Click on the desired state, and then click on a county to peruse radio frequencies in a table format. As of 2015, these radio frequency tables include information about license call signs, class station codes, alpha tags and transmission modes. Alternatively, peruse the frequencies by selecting an agency or a metro area from the list.

To find specific radio frequencies, navigate to the Search Identified Frequencies section, type the frequency in the appropriate field, select a state or a metro area, and choose the desired tone filter from a drop-down menu to narrow down the list of results. To access a list of recently updated frequencies, click on the Latest Updates tab on the Frequency Database page.