Can You Freeze Raw Cabbage?

Brigitte MERLE/Photononstop/Getty Images

Freezing fresh raw cabbage is an easy process and an excellent way to preserve pesticide-free produce right from the garden. Frozen cabbage loses some of its crunch when defrosted, but it is a flavorful addition to cooked dishes or stir fry.

Successful freezing begins with blanching ,which destroys enzymes and bacteria, yet allows the cabbage to retain its color, texture and flavor during frozen storage. The individual cabbage leaves, shreds or chunks are dropped into a pot of boiling water and covered for 90 seconds. To prevent overcooking, the cabbage is immediately submerged into ice water. Zip-top bags are ideal for storage, but as much air as possible must be removed from the bag to prevent the cabbage from drying and freezer burn.