How Can You Figure Out the Value of a Silvertone Phonograph?

Silvertone phonographs have sold online and at auction for between $30 and $400 as of 2015. The value depends on a variety of factors including age, condition, patent date and the quality of any refinishing work. Prospective collectors ascertain the value of a certain phonograph model by researching current market value on auction sites like eBay or at local auctions or antique dealers. Silvertone phonographs are not as valuable as other brands, but still make an excellent collector’s item.

Sears, Roebuck & Company began selling the Silvertone phonograph in its catalogs in 1915. Sears sold this hand-cranked phonograph in tabletop and portable models, and later on, Silvertone sold radios with phonographs built in as well. According to Just Collecting, experts consider the Silvertone phonographs to be less valuable than older and more expensive models such as the Victor Talking Machine or phonographs produced by Edison or Columbia. The rarity or age of a phonograph may not have a bearing on its price, as many collectors choose phonographs for their unique woodwork, horn design or sound quality. Amassing Silvertones won’t earn a collector a windfall, but as a hallmark of American musical history, these phonographs make a great addition to any collection.