How Can Fans Contact Beyonce?

Chung Sung-Jun / Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans can contact Beyonce by writing to Music World Entertainment, commenting on her Facebook wall, Tweeting to her or commenting on her Instagram account. As of 2015, Beyonce has only Tweeted 8 times, so fans are less likely to get a response via Twitter than via other methods.

Beyonce’s fan mail address is Music World Entertainment, 1505 Hadley Street, Houston, TX, 77002-8927. Fans can address Beyonce when mailing, and can contact Music World Entertainment directly by calling 713-772-5175 or sending them a fax via 713-772-3034. Fans can also send Beyonce messages via the Music World Entertainment website by completing and submitting a form.

Fans can visit Beyonce’s Facebook page. By liking it, fans can stay updated on Beyonce’s life and career. They can contact her by commenting on posts that she makes to her Facebook wall.

Fans can follow Beyonce on Twitter by following @Beyonce. As with her Facebook, fans can contact her by responding to what she Tweets or by Tweeting her directly.

Finally, fans can follow Beyonce on Instagram. As with other social media, users can contact Beyonce by responding to the photos that she posts.

All of Beyonce’s social media accounts direct users to visit, but as of 2015, no direct email address or contact methods other than social media are provided.