How Can a Fan Contact Ariana Grande?

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage/Getty Images

Fans are welcome to contact Ariana Grande through her management, SB Projects. Fans can also contact Ariana Grande by following her on Twitter, but the artist may not respond to messages.

Scooter Braun, who also manages Amber Riley, Don and Shay, and Justin Bieber, is the owner of SB Projects, a New York City-based boutique artist management firm. Its website,, has a contact page that includes Scooter Braun’s corporate address, email address and a contact form for instantly transmitting messages.

The SB Projects team consists of several artist managers. Because the website does not specify who manages Ariana Grande’s professional engagements, addressing inquiries to a particular manager is not an effective way to contact her. As of 2015, the SB Projects website also does not state that the SB Projects team honors every inquiry or give an average turnaround time in the event that it does. Other means of communication, such as Twitter, might be more reliable.

For example, a fan’s Tweets automatically appear in the @mentions feed on the celebrity’s Twitter account. Grande, like any other Twitter user, has the option of retweeting, replying or favoriting a fan’s tweets. The likelihood of such a scenario unfolding and leading to communication with Ariana Grande is difficult to gauge, but it is, in theory, a means of contacting her.