How Can You Estimate the Cost of Installing a New Well Pump?

To estimate the cost of installing a new well pump, homeowners need to consider several factors such as the labor fees for pump installation, well depth, pump type and pump’s material and motor. As of October 2015, the average cost for a new well pump, which is based on cost profiles of nearly 290 actual projects, is $1,624, as noted by

To estimate the cost for a well pump project, it is important to decide on the pump type. There are jet and submersible well pumps. For very shallow wells that are 25 feet or less in depth, a shallow jet well pump may be suitable, but for deep wells that range in depth from 25 to 110 feet, a deep jet well pump is the better choice. Deep well submersible pumps can be used for depths that range from 25 to 400 feet.

Jet pumps are less expensive than submersibles. For example, the cost of a shallow jet pump as of 2015 can be from $100 to $500, and the cost for a deep well pump can be between $175 and $800, as noted by A submersible pump can cost as much as $1,200. These cost ranges can depend on pump features such as capacity and material type, which is frequently stainless steel.

Some other costs associated with installing a well pump are labor fees and the addition of new piping and wiring, states The addition of these costs can drive up the estimate by $500 at the lower end and $900 at the higher end.