Where Can I Find an Employee Commitment Letter Template?

Though each commitment letter is specific to the type of job and employee involved, there are several great resources for templates at onestreet.org and about.com. The onestreet template provides samples for individuals accepting board, committee or working group positions, and the about.com resource provides a simple template, which includes a discussion of salary and benefits.

In addition to a basic template, americasjobexchange.com offers tips for keeping a professional tone and what elements to include.

Requesting an employee commitment letter, also known as a job acceptance letter, is common practice in a variety of employment situations. In many cases, issuing a job acceptance letter is a formal way for the new employee to reconfirm a telephone or in-person job offer as well as establish a formal, written record of employment details, including their new title, responsibilities, salary and list of benefits.

It is also common for employers to formally ask for a commitment letter from a new employee when they plan to finance training prior to the commencement of any work. In these cases, employees may also need to sign a contract for financial reimbursement. Finally, many executives, board members and freelance contractors who anticipate signing formal legal contracts will issue commitment letters to employers in the early stages of job acceptance. This is done for more advanced legal purposes and may require the consultation of a human resources lawyer.