Can You Eat Wild Rhubarb?

Emma Forsberg/CC-BY-2.0

Wild rhubarb, also known as common burdock, is not considered edible due to its diuretic effects. Wild rhubarb belongs to the Composite plant family, while garden rhubarb, which is edible, belongs to the Polygonaceae plant family.

Wild rhubarb has a similar appearance to garden rhubarb. Both have long stalks with big leaves on the end. However, garden rhubarb stalks tend to be more red in appearance. Wild rhubarb has flatter leaves with a velvety underside, which is absent in edible rhubarb. Also, the stalks of edible rhubarb are solid, whereas the stalks of wild rhubarb are hollow. Wild rhubarb grows taller than the edible variety.