Can I Eat Coleslaw When Pregnant?

Coleslaw is safe to eat when pregnant provided it is made and eaten immediately. According to The Better Health Channel, pregnant women can contract listeriosis through eating foods such as ready-made or premixed salads.

Pre-made coleslaw is not considered safe for pregnant women because it often sits in the refrigerator and can grow the Listeria bacteria that cause listeriosis. Another issue with pre-made coleslaw is that there is no way of knowing if the vegetables used in the slaw were thoroughly washed before use. The American Pregnancy Association recommends washing all vegetables before consumption to lower the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis. Raw eggs are another issue with coleslaw. Raw eggs can carry salmonella and should not be consumed by pregnant women. Certain coleslaw recipes may feature homemade mayonnaise containing raw eggs. When making fresh coleslaw, pregnant women should use store-bought mayonnaise because it contains pasteurized eggs.