Where Can You Find a Dyson Repair Center?

Dyson.com provides a list of Dyson Service Centers across the United States, along with addresses, phone numbers and maps of the locations. It also provides the phone number for the Dyson Helpline to call for names of authorized repair locations, as of 2015.

As of 2015, Dyson operates 20 service centers that sell and repair Dyson appliances. It also uses authorized third-party companies to provide service for anyone who is not located near a Dyson Service Center. Consumers who do not live near a Dyson Service Center or an authorized dealer may contact the Dyson Helpline, and arrange to ship their vacuum or other Dyson appliance directly to the company for repair or maintenance. According to Dyson.com, repairs normally take seven to 10 business days.

The Support page of Dyson.com offers a variety of help options to customers, including a page that covers all of its official services and repair centers. The main Dyson Service Centers page includes a list of each city and state in which a center operates, along with details about current company-wide promotions that may be available at these locations and a tool to initiate a chat conversation with a support specialist. The page also links to other Dyson promotions and offers the number and hours for its support line. To view details about a specific location, click on the city name to load its page.

Some issues with Dyson vacuum cleaners may not need expert repair. Dyson.com also offers substantial information for troubleshooting common problems, such as clogged filters, lack of suction or unusual noises emanating from the machine. It also provides information on how to properly use and care for all types of Dyson equipment. Consumers are asked to input the serial number of their vacuum cleaner before getting started so that they get information specific to their piece of equipment.