What Can Be Done to Neutralize Food That Is Too Salty?

TheItalianRecipe/Moment Open/Getty Images

One can neutralize food that is too salty by adding sugar, potato pieces, vinegar, lemon, yogurt, tomatoes, honey or more of the other ingredients in the dish. A cooking method to fix a soup that is salty is to add chunks of a peeled potato to it and remove the chunks after 15 minutes.

Other methods of removing excess salt from a dish include adding small amounts of sugar or balsamic vinegar to the food a little at a time. A combination of sugar and cider vinegar can balance meats or stews if added slowly. Plain yogurt or tomatoes can be added to foods like stews or curries, while honey works with most foods. Add until the taste is balanced.

To reduce salt taste from food that does not contain dairy, one can use a few drops of fresh lemon juice. A few drops of this acidic ingredient does not change the dish’s taste.

For soups or stews that are overly salty, one can use more of the other ingredients in the dish. Similarly, one can cook the base ingredient of either the stew or soup separately in another pot and slowly add small quantities of this substance to the original dish to fix the problem.