How Can You Donate Beanie Babies to Charities?

A primary way to donate Beanie Babies or other stuffed animals to charity is to submit them to Stuffed Animals for Emergencies, or SAFE. This particular charity will donate the Beanie Baby directly to children who are in need of toys.

In addition to SAFE, there is Toys for Tots and the Battalion Buddies program. Toys for Tots is a program designed to give needy children toys around the Christmas and winter holidays. Typically, there is a drop-off point at a designated area, such as the mall or grocery store. A person can search online for their local drop-off. Donations can also be made to Toys for Tots via their official website or their partnership with Toys ‘R Us.

The Battalion Buddies program is designed for kids who have a parent in active military service. Beanie Babies and other stuffed animals can be donated directly to the organization, or a kit can be bought so that a person donating can make a Battalion Buddy at home. The Battalion Buddy program is part of Operation Gratitude which sends care packages to the troops themselves.

Each of these organizations accepts financial contributions as donations as well as stuffed animals and Beanie Babies.