Can You Go to the DMV to Get Your ID If You Have a Warrant?

halbergman/E+/Getty Images

Laws vary by state regarding getting ID at the DMV with an outstanding warrant. Though the DMV is not a law enforcement agency, some states do check for warrants when issuing ID and will hold violators for arrest or arrest on the spot if a state trooper is present.

In Texas, the Department of Public Safety handles IDs in lieu of the DMV, and has a policy of checking for warrants at license offices. Florida’s DMV has a similar policy. If a state’s policy is unclear, it is possible to call the DMV anonymously to ask what their policy is. While the DMV may not check for warrants or arrest on the spot, a current address must usually be provided to get a new ID. It is possible that police may then use this information to find a violator with an outstanding warrant after the fact.