How Can You Determine the Value of Your Vintage Tom Clark Gnomes?

Thomas Collins/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

To find the value of vintage Tom Clark gnomes, get them appraised professionally. Price lists on websites selling vintage gnomes also give a general idea of how much they might be worth.

A professional appraiser performs two important functions for the Tom Clark gnomes: assessing the value of the gnomes based on their condition, and making sure the gnomes are authentic. It is possible to end up with gnomes that are a replicate of the Tom Clark design, but are from another artist and are therefore not as valuable. An experienced appraiser who works closely with these types of items knows what to look for.

Another good option for getting advice on the authenticity and value of a Tom Clark gnome is to visit a local antique shop or flea market. Many vendors at these establishments deal frequently with such antique items and can show the owner of the item the signs that point toward it being authentic or replicated. They may also give an approximate value, but can’t give an official value price since they are not professional appraisers.

To get an approximate value for Tom Clark gnomes, look at different price listings online. While there is more to consider than just the type of gnome, this is a good place to start. It lets people know that they are on the right track when they decide to try to sell them.