How Can You Determine the Value of a Used Pool Table?

Factors that contribute to the value of a used pool table include the manufacturer and model, whether or not it has a slate bed, the style of the table’s design and the size of the table. Other factors include the condition of features such as the cloth, pockets and finish.

The first aspect to consider when determining the value of a used pool table is whether or not it is actually a pool table or a Snooker table, as pool tables have a much greater value. Snooker tables look similar to pool tables but have smaller pockets and smaller passageways for transferring the balls underneath the table. The next item to look at is if the table has a slate bed, preferably made of Italian or Brazilian slate, and if so, if it is a one-piece or three-piece design. Most tables with a slate bed have a three-piece design because it allows for the greatest level of customization when leveling the table.

Another important consideration in the table’s final value is its condition. Regardless of the table’s style and components, scratches or tears on the top cloth, holes in the pockets or scrapes along the finish decrease its overall value.