How Can You Determine a Bev Doolittle Print’s Value?

The value of a Bev Doolittle print is determined by its edition, the number of units in that edition overall, the issue date and the most common value found on secondary markets. Other important factors include size, condition, issue price and age of a given print at auction.

Most prints that are part of a limited edition feature a numerical designation, which is most often found on the back of the artwork. For example, prints by Bev Doolittle typically bear a numerical designation such as 659 out of 1000. The second number designates the total number of prints available in that edition, and the first number represents the print itself. A print that features an older issue date is typically more valuable because art increases in value over time. Couple these attributes with a comparison of global prices on the market for Doolittle’s prints to determine that print’s value as of May 2015.

A print that is in relatively good condition is more valuable. Additionally, most limited editions bear a signature from the artist herself, further increasing a print’s value. Finally, research the age of a print to determine its issue price, and then compare that value with current market value.