Where Can You Find a DentaQuest Dentist?

DentaQuest dentists are found in 28 states and the District of Columbia, as of 2015. Some states where DentaQuest dentists practice include Arizona, Louisiana, Ohio, California and Kentucky. Others include Kansas, New York, Virginia, Texas and Maryland.

DentaQuest members can find dentists by navigating to the DentaQuest website and clicking on the “Members” tab from the tabs along the top of the home page, notes DentaQuest. From there, the member clicks on his home state from the links on the “Welcome Members” page.

After choosing a state, the member clicks on “Find a Dentist,” chooses a state from the drop-down menu and selects his plan from the “Plan” menu. The member can opt to only see dentists accepting new patients by selecting the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu under “Accepting Patient.” The member can also search for a dentist by entering a member date of birth and ID or name in the “Search for Member” box.

A second way to search the DentaQuest website for a dentist by entering an address and ZIP code in the “Enter Your Geographic Area” section. The member must also choose the number of miles he is willing to travel from the address to the dentist to return search results for dentists that meet the criteria.