Can You Customize Santa’s Nice List With Your Child’s Name?

US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District/CC-BY 2.0

There are a number of websites such as, and that allow users to download and print templates to customize Santa’s Nice List with a child’s name. Some sites offer templates that you can print for free from your home computer, and others charge various fees to create and mail the templates to the requester.

One benefit of purchasing a certificate and having a company mail it is that a child can believe that the letter actually came from the North Pole. To the child, there is no question about the letter’s authenticity. A benefit of printing a free template is that parents save money that they can put toward other holiday-related expenses.

There are also sites, such as, that allow parents to secure a digital copy of a child’s “Santa’s Nice List” certificate after the child answers a series of questions to determine whether he or she is “naughty or nice.” This is a useful tool to help children stay on their best behavior so that they earn a spot on “Santa’s Nice List” before Christmas.

Parents, teachers and other adults can use printable “Santa’s Nice List” certificates as rewards for good deeds, acts of kindness and good citizenship.