How Can Cured Gorilla Glue Be Removed?

jeepersmedia/CC-BY 2.0

To remove cured Gorilla Glue, soak the adhesive in acetone to soften it, and use sandpaper or a tool with a sharp edge to scrape off the glue. You will need acetone, warm water, isopropyl alcohol, sandpaper and a knife or chisel. An exfoliating soap will remove the glue from skin.

  1. Soften the adhesive

    Soak the affected area in acetone or warm water to soften the adhesive. If the adhesive is stuck to hair, carpeting, clothing or fabric, use isopropyl alcohol instead of water to soak the glue.

  2. Scrape excess adhesive off

    Use the knife or chisel to scrape as much of the adhesive away as you can. Be gentle with clothing if using a sharp-edged tool to scrape. To remove it from skin, eliminate as much of the adhesive as possible by rubbing the skin with an exfoliating soap which contains microbeads.

  3. Remove the remaining adhesive

    Use the sandpaper to remove any remaining adhesive from surfaces. To finish removing the adhesive from your skin, continue rubbing the adhesive with your fingers under a stream of warm water. If the adhesive remains on a non-skin surface after this process, heat the adhesive to no higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit to soften it and break the glue bond, then remove the adhesive using sandpaper.