How Can You Cross Reference a Toro Belt?

Use a V-belt conversion chart to cross-reference a Toro belt. The Belt Cross Reference Guide at links original manufacturer equipment with aftermarket V-belt numbers. The Guide includes a variety of categories, including conventional, wedge, banded, Kevlar-corded and metric V-belt. Choose a belt type, and click the link to reach the appropriate chart. provides a Toro belt chart with categories such as part number, description, pitch length and thickness. Cross-reference this chart with other belt part information to determine the correct replacement belt size and type. offers information on thousands of belts from many different manufacturers; its search function lets you find the parts you need., an online parts dealer, provides a search function that automatically converts original manufacturer equipment or aftermarket part numbers to matching replacement part numbers. For example, a Toro spec belt converts to an OEM replacement belt that fits several Toro models. The site also offers parts diagrams to aid users in replacing belts. organizes Toro replacement belts by size. The site’s search tool allows users to choose a belt length between 18 and 107 inches, and widths between 1/2 and 5/8 inches. Users may also select a belt based on equipment type and can enter a part number in the search bar to return matching belts. The site sells True Blue Belts that fit several Toro models.

Toro designs its belts in conjunction with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and manufactures them to meet product specifications. Belts are designed to last for about two seasons and should be replaced if they show signs of wear. The manufacturer warns that aftermarket replacement parts may fail or not perform adequately on its products. Toro recommends replacing belts with Toro-brand parts.