How Can You Create a Questionnaire Using Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word provides downloadable templates on the Microsoft Office website for creating a questionnaire or a survey, or you can make one from scratch by using formatting tools, such as the number and radio buttons, available in the program. The format is the most important issue, as the actual content can be altered to fit almost any need.

  1. Open Word and search for “questionnaire”

    When you open Word, you are presented with the options to open a blank page or choose a template. Type in “questionnaire” into the search bar, and press the search icon or the Enter key. You can also search for “survey” to find additional relevant forms.

  2. Choose a template

    Questionnaire templates that may be useful include multiple choice tests or survey kits, learning goal worksheets and parent-teacher conference concern checklists. Survey templates that may be useful include restaurant surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, school surveys for parents or surveys of quality.

  3. Customize your questionnaire

    Use the available formatting tools to customize your questionnaire. Change the look of the form with different colors and font, and change the content to fit your needs. Make sure to proofread the form to ensure none of the unrelated template content remains on it.