Can Corningware Be Used on the Stove Top?

Robert Clare/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

CorningWare Stovetop, a line of saucepans and casserole dishes made with heat-resistant Pyroceram, is safe to use on electric and gas stovetops. Stovetop products are also safe for use in the freezer, broiler, oven and microwave. CorningWare glass lids should never be placed directly on any heat source.

CorningWare pieces manufactured before the late 1990s are also stovetop-safe. CorningWare products made with Pyroceram were discontinued in the late 1990s, when the company switched to stoneware, which is not stovetop-safe, to accommodate customer demand. CorningWare reintroduced Pyroceram in 2009. As of 2014, World Kitchen, LLC owns CorningWare, which was originally manufactured by Corning Glass Works.