Where Can You Find a Copy of a Police Officer’s Oath of Office?

People can find a copy of a police officer’s oath of office on the websites of local law enforcement agencies. It may also be included in the state constitution. Oaths of office vary by police department.

In the oath, the police officer swears to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the laws within the jurisdiction. Police officers further swear to complete the duties of their position and behave honorably and with good conduct to the best of their abilities.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police offers a template for an oath of honor and recommends that all departments adopt the oath. In this oath, the police officer swears not to betray her badge, her integrity or the public’s trust. The oath also calls police officers to hold individuals accountable for their actions, to uphold the Constitution and serve their communities and agencies.

Police officers are not authorized to fulfil their duties until they have been sworn in and taken the oath of office. The oath takes place after officers have completed the training academy or when they start at a new department.

Officers must be knowledgeable about their state and local laws and the U.S. Constitution. Several constitutional amendments are relevant to police officers and the legal system. For example, the fourth amendment prohibits unreasonable search and seizure of citizens’ property.