Where Can You Find a Copy of the Ontario Dental Fee Guide?

The Ontario Dental Association has placed copies of its fee guide in the reference section of a number of libraries in the area. As of February 2015, the guide is not accessible on the ODA’s website. Some dentist offices may also have a copy available.

The ODA dental fee guide is used by dental practitioners to come up with a structure fee for their services. Consumers should keep in mind that the fees in the guide are simply suggestions, and providers are not required to adhere to the fees. Referencing the guide, however, should give consumers an idea of what to expect when it comes to charges for dental services.

The dental fee guide contains over 1,000 different dental procedures. These procedures are not listed by common terminology, such as check up, filling, cleaning, bridge or cap. Instead, each procedure is assigned a five-digit numerical code known as a procedure code. There is a description associated with each code, as well as the recommended fee for that procedure. There may also be several different codes assigned to one procedure, such as an extraction.

The book does not contain any terminology referring to language normally found in a health insurance contract such as basic, major or cosmetic.