Where Can I Get a Copy of My High School Yearbook?

There are online retail stores that have scanned and archived copies of yearbooks from schools around the United States. The websites OldHighSchoolYearbooks, E-Yearbook and MyOldYearbookCD all offer a variety of high school and college yearbooks for sale.

OldHighSchoolYearbooks is an auction website that accepts bids via eBay for its multi-state collection of yearbooks. E-Yearbook has an extensive searchable database of middle school, high school, college and military school yearbooks. Thumbnail-sized images of the yearbooks’ pages can be viewed by any website visitor, but a registered membership is required in order to view the full-sized pictures and complete yearbooks. The site offers monthly and annual subscription memberships. MyOldYearbookCD is a website designed for reunion planning professionals. Its goal is to help party planners organize a memorable event. The website has over 4,500 yearbooks from all over the United States in its library. The yearbook images are scanned onto a CD to give the user a new way to view old yearbook photos.

The School Annual Publishing Company suggests a few other methods for obtaining copies of high school yearbooks. Contact the school, the school district or the local library in the town where the school is located. These places may either have yearbook copies or know where they can be easily obtained. If the school doesn’t have a copy of the yearbook, someone there may have contact information for the person in charge of the alumni association.