Can You Convert a Gas Stove to an Electric Stove?

With the work of a licensed electrician, a gas stove can be converted to an electric stove. The process requires the installation of a new electrical wire, a two-pole circuit breaker and a 240-volt receptacle.

Converting a gas stove to an electric stove is more complicated than performing the opposite conversion because the electrical wiring for a 120-volt gas stove is not sufficient to support an electric stove’s power demands. A larger electrical wire must be run from the stove to an electric panel, and the electrician must install a 240-volt receptacle at the stove while placing a new two-pole circuit breaker in the breaker panel. A licensed plumber should be available during the process to cap the gas line securely to prevent leaks. The process generally takes one hour to several hours depending on the distance of the electric panel from the stove.

Individuals often choose to convert one stove type to another to continue cooking on a more familiar stove type. When searching for an electrician to complete the procedure, they should avoid providers that use national price books and offer a flat price for the service. Individuals can normally get a better deal with an electrician who provides a custom quote.