How Can You Convert a DAT File Into a Microsoft Word Document?

Import the DAT file into Microsoft Word, and save the file as a DOC for future use. You can also change the DAT extension to DOC and import it into Word or convert the file online using a conversion service, such as Cometdocs.

  1. Open Microsoft Word

    Double-click the Word icon on your desktop or the Windows 8 Start screen. Wait a few moments for Word to open.

  2. Open the DAT file

    Click File from the Word menu tabs, and select Open from the drop-down menu. Browse through your folders for the DAT file. Select the file, and click the down arrow at the bottom of the dialog box.

  3. Select Open and Repair

    Select Open and Repair from the menu options. Once Word opens the file, review the text document. If the text contains machine language, scroll down for any readable content. Copy the readable text, and delete the other content. Paste the text, and save the DAT file as a DOC file.

  4. Rename the file

    If Word fails to open the DAT file, browse for the file in your Explorer window. Right-click the file, and select Rename. Replace the DAT extension with DOC. Afterward, confirm the change, and reopen it in Word.