How Can You Contact Kid Rock?

A contact form to send Kid Rock a question is available on the Ask Kid Rock page at, as of 2015. Kid Rock only responds occasionally and doesn’t respond to all questions, but this is the only contact form for Kid Rock available on his official website.

To send Kid Rock a question, visit the home page, and click Community. On the Community page, click Ask Kid Rock. Fill out the form with your name, email address and a question, and then click Submit to send it. Questions can be about any topic.

The site includes responses to fan questions on the Discussion page, which is the default page that opens after clicking Community. The page posts all of Kid Rock’s messages under the Latest Official heading.

An alternative method of contacting Kid Rock is by sending a message to one of his social media profiles. Kid Rock has official profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and his official website includes links to all three profiles. includes an online community, the Rebel Soldiers, that fans can join to discuss Kid Rock. Every page on the site has a Create Account link at the top. The Create Account page offers free and paid account options. Both options include access to the online community and special email offers.