Can a Computer Monitor Be Used As a TV?

A computer monitor can be used as a TV simply by plugging a set-top box into the appropriate ports on the monitor. If the monitor is too old, however, a few more modifications might be required to make it useful as a television monitor.

With technology moving towards smaller laptops, netbooks and tablets, some people may find themselves stuck with the older, larger computer monitors. Instead of letting them sit and collect dust, many of these monitors can be repurposed into use as a television monitor.

Computer monitors are either digital or analog-compatible. This will determine the type of set-top box that can be used with the monitor. Consumers can use either a cable or satellite box from the cable or satellite company or purchase a television antennae and cable tuner box from the store.

If the computer monitor has an HDMI output, then set up is fairly simple. Just plug in the set top box into the HDMI port. Channels can be controlled with the remote that comes with the box. Volume will need to be adjusted using the controls on the computer monitor. Other options for connecting a cable box or television tuner to the monitor are using an s-video connection, composite video or coaxial cable.