Where Can I Find Codes for a Samsung Remote?

As of 2014, Samsung remote control codes are available from the troubleshooting guide located in the “Get Support” section of the official Samsung website. From “Connections and Setup,” click on “Remote Control Setup” and then “Remote Control Codes.”

The functions that Samsung remotes can perform on compatible televisions include power, channel up, channel down, increase volume, decrease volume, mute and input select. All functions may not work on every television, and users are encouraged to use the television’s own remote when they encounter problems.

To program the remote control, turn on the television set, and hold down the TV Power button. Enter the two-digit code for the specific television listed on the Samsung website. The programming is successful if the television turns on after the code is entered. Users may need to try other codes listed by the manufacturer or even try codes listed for a different brand. If difficulties arise, the Samsung remote control may not be compatible with the television. Be sure to note down the code that works, as the control must be reprogrammed whenever the batteries are changed.

If the remote control is not working properly, this may be because the batteries are inserted improperly, the control is in the wrong mode, the remote senor is failing or the IR sensor is not functioning.