How Can You Find the Closest Fire Station to Your House?

Search for the nearest fire station to any address using the search tools on or Neither websites is comprehensive, but both feature thousands of individual fire stations, covering most U.S. cities. provides Web users with access to information on 37,576 fire stations as of 2015. Users can look up information about these fire stations either by address or by the name of a specific station. Users who look up information by a specific street address also have access to local statistics about natural and environmental hazards, crime rates, and foreclosures, among other data. provides Web users with a mapping tool that marks all registered fire stations near an input address. The website provides the address and phone number of each fire station registered and, when possible, additional information such as the station’s email address. automatically calculates the distance from each nearby fire station to the input address, allowing users to ascertain immediately the distance a fire truck needs to travel from either station in the event of an emergency. In locations with a high density of fire stations, requires users to zoom in closer than typically necessary to view information about each one individually.