How Can You Find the Claims Address for Cigna?

The instructions for finding the claims address for Cigna are located at; select the Member Rights and Responsibilities tab, followed by the customer forms option from the menu. This brings up an option to download a claim form to submit to the address on your Cigna ID card.

Upon downloading the claim form, it is imperative to fill out the form in its entirety to ensure proper claim processing. Page two of the form has step-by-step instructions to assist with the process. After completing the claim form, or forms, attach any original itemized bills to the form and mail it to the address of the Cigna healthcare claims office, which is printed on the policyholder’s healthcare ID card. Approximately four weeks after mailing the claim form, Cigna mails out an explanation of benefits. The purpose of the explanation of benefits is to detail any recent care charges or benefit plan payments.

In addition to information on care charges and benefit plan payments, the policyholder also receives a summary of the submitted claim, any claim that has been paid and any money owed by the customer. Cigna also includes a glossary of common terms used that apply to the policyholder’s insurance plan.