How Can You Check If Your License Is Valid?

halbergman/E+/Getty Images

To check if your driver’s license is valid, contact the local DMV office, go to the relevant website and ask for a license status check online and obtain the driver’s record from the relevant state agency. Also, update contact information with the local DMV.

The local DMV office may be able to tell you directly if your license is valid or suspended. Alternatively, it may help you locate an appropriate office or website, such as the Department of Highway Safety or State Department of Public Safety that can provide this information.

A quick license status check on a relevant website provides a yes or no answer rather than giving specific details regarding the validity of the license. The driver’s record from a state agency is obtained either online or by submitting a form at the office for a small fee.

Also, update your contact information with the state DMV if you are living outside your home state or are relocating to another state. This ensures that you receive a license suspension notice at the earliest. Additionally, report any changes in the license plates and registration details upon the sale of the vehicle to the DMV. This prevents any driving offenses from being listed against your license even after the vehicle is sold.