How Can You Check the History of a Mobile Phone’s Account?

Most past mobile phone usage can be viewed through the phone provider’s official website. The cellphone owner must set up an online account to view a phone’s service history online. Various types of phone usages can be monitored, such as minutes and text messages. The amount of available phone usage provided to customers depends on the service plan.

As of 2015, T-Mobile allows its customers to check phone usage with its mobile app or by sending a text message. Its fastest option to view usage history is via text message. T-Mobile also automatically sends alert text messages to notify a customer if he is nearly over his usage or data limits. If a customer reaches his maximum phone usage limit, then T-Mobile’s alert service sends another text message.

Verizon customers can download Verizon’s mobile app to help manage phone usage. Other mobile apps, such as BreakFree, keep track of how much time users spend on smartphones. BreakFree monitors someone’s smartphone habits and helps maintain a controlled digital lifestyle. By using mobile apps like these, some users might be able to better control phone usage. Parental controls are also included for parents who might want to manage a child’s phone usage.