How Can I Check My AOL Email From Another Computer?

Access AOL on any Internet-ready computer by inputting your account login information on the AOL mail website. You only need a laptop or desktop computer with Internet access, a Web browser and your username and password.

  1. Log into a computer

    Use a guest account on another computer. For hotel computers, you may need to insert your room number and name to access the Internet.

  2. Open a browser

    Locate and open the default Web browser. If you do not see a shortcut on the desktop, click the Start button on the Windows taskbar, and search for the browser in the Start menu. For Windows 8 computers, click the browser tile on the Start screen. For Mac computers, check the dock.

  3. Go to AOL

    Type the AOL mail address in the browser URL field. Alternatively, go to the AOL homepage, and click the mail envelope icon in the top-right corner of the page.

  4. Enter your information

    Type your username and password in the correct text fields. If prompted, do not save your account information or keep your account signed in on the computer you’re using.

  5. View your email

    Read the mail in your inbox, and compose new emails if necessary. Sign out when done.

  6. Log out

    Close the browser using the X button on the header bar. Log out of the guest account.