How Can You Find What Channels Are Included in Charter’s Expanded Basic Tier?

Charter provides full channel lineups for all of its packages, including its Expanded Basic tier (now known as Spectrum Select in some territories), on its website. These channels include CBS, NBC and ABC, as of 2015.

Charter provides a full channel guide for all of its regional territories that covers what channels are available in each package, which vary regionally. To view which channels are available, simply enter your address and ZIP code in the dialog boxes; this allows Charter’s website to pull the correct information. Users are then presented with a list of every channel the provider offers in the region in grid format with indicators to show which channels are included in each tier.

It is also possible to filter the list down to only channels listed in certain packages. To do this, choose the package you wish to see listed from the drop-down box above the channel list. These include primary Select, Silver and Gold packages and movie channels (such as Starz and HBO), digital music channels, subscription services (such as adult and sports programming) and non-English language programming (such as Latino View and TV Japan). Users can toggle as many of these filters on or off as needed.