Where Can You Find CB1 Weight Gainer in a Store Near You?

CB1 Weight Gainer is not available at traditional stores, but it may be purchased online at cb1weightgainer.com, according to Amazon.com and cb1weightgainer.com. Many other weight gain products are available at Wal-Mart, GNC and Walgreen’s for people who wish to purchase products in person rather than online.

CB1 Weight Gainer claims to include only all natural ingredients, including vitamins, herbs and minerals, according to cb1weightgainer.com. This product also claims to be safe, including no harmful ingredients or drugs. The product is targeted towards people who struggle to gain weight, have a poor appetite or have a fast metabolism. Potential users of CB1 Weight Gainer are advised to consult a physician before use, as these statements are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. CB1 Weight Gainer cannot cure or prevent any disease and does not claim to do so.

CB1 Weight Gainer advertises that it is a proven weight gain pill, as stated by cb1weightgainer.com. The product website cites a two month clinical study that shows people who use the product gain an average of 3 pounds with one month of use in comparison with a placebo group. Weight gain depends on a wide array of factors and is not guaranteed, although the company does offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.