What Can Cause Fluttering in a Woman’s Lower Abdominal Area?

The most common cause of fluttering in a woman’s lower abdomen is pregnancy, explains SteadyHealth. Fluttering can also be caused by nerve endings and is felt after a woman gives birth, has a related surgery or experiences a miscarriage. When nerves and scar tissue commingle, new nerve connections and endings are formed, which can lead to fluttering, especially after a woman has a cesarean section. Other causes of fluttering include digestive and systemic diseases such as acid reflux disease.

Additional causes of fluttering in a woman’s lower abdomen include gas, constipation, a hiatal hernia, tumors, cancer and heartburn, reports SteadyHealth. A woman may experience fluttering due to ulcers, alcoholic liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease or pancreatic disorders. Inflammation of the stomach lining, the gall bladder or the diverticulum and parasites can also cause fluttering in a woman’s abdomen. The fluttering sensation may stem from the colon, and it could be the result of a cyst, blood vessel structural blockage or disruption in an arterial wall.

Fluttering can be caused by over-exertion or over-exercising, according to SteadyHealth. If a woman has poor posture or sits for a long period of time, this can cause twitching and potentially painful spasms in the abdomen. Women with thinner body types are typically able to feel arterial pulses easier and more frequently than women with larger builds. If the fluttering is synchronized and similar to the woman’s heartbeat, it is likely that she is feeling these arterial pulses.