Where Can You Find a Catholic Priest Directory?

The Official Catholic Directory published by P.J. Kenedy & Sons is the most up-to-date Catholic priest directory in the United States. Different dioceses and archdioceses also publish local directories of priests. The websites of dioceses in many cities often post information about the hierarchy in each Catholic diocese, including the name of the bishop and the priests in every parish.

The Official Catholic Directory can be ordered by phone or through affiliated online retailers. Many dioceses in different cities and states in the United States, such as the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls in South Dakota, also provide online directories of Catholic priests. Like the Official Catholic Directory, most directories include the locations of Catholic parishes, dioceses, schools and even the date and time of the Mass. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles also publishes an annual Catholic directory including information such as telephone numbers and the complete address of priests and deacons serving within the archdiocese.