How Can You Take the California Driving Test in Punjabi?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers free interpreting services for individuals who want to take the driving test in other languages. To take advantage of this service, it is necessary to notify the DMV that an interpreter is needed when scheduling an appointment for the test.

Appointments can either be scheduled in person at any California DMV branch or over the phone during regular business hours. The California DMV offers interpreters for the majority of its services;However, interpreters cannot be used for individuals taking the commercial driver’s license knowledge test.

The California DMV offers its basic Class C written driver’s license exam in Punjabi and 30 other foreign languages including Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Spanish. An audio version of the Class C written driver’s license exam is also available in English, Punjabi and 13 other languages. This version involves the individual listening to a cassette tape instead of reading the material. In order to allow the person enough time to complete the exam, neither the written nor audio driver’s license exams can be administered after 4:30 pm as of 2015.

The written test has 36 questions for individuals applying for a new license, while the written test for those renewing their driver license has 18 questions. Each individual has three chances to pass the test during an appointment. If the person does not pass in three tries, he must then make a new appointment and pay the appointment and application fees again.