Where Can You Buy a Used Postal Vehicle?

Customers looking to purchase a used postal vehicle can do so through sites such as PostalClassified.com, eBay.com, PostalMag.com and Craigslist.org, as of April 2015. When shopping on classifieds sites, users need to read each listing carefully to distinguish which ads are for actual former postal vehicles and not just similar models.

Many sites advertising used postal vehicles for sale contain listings for right-hand drive Jeeps, which means that the steering column and related components are placed on the right side of the vehicle, as compared to most standard American vehicles that have the components on the left side. Postal vehicles feature right-hand drive designs because it allows postal workers to enter and exit the vehicle onto the sidewalk instead of into the street. It also enables the mail carrier to stand on the sidewalk and access the interior of the truck safely without risk of being hit by passing cars.

Sites such as PostalClassifieds.com and PostalMag.com are classifieds sites that specialize in right-hand drive Jeeps, though they sometimes contain listings for other types of vehicles with similar steering configurations. Craigslist.org is a general classifieds site, and thus does not offer specific filtering tools for postal vehicles. As such, users need to conduct searches either for related terms or for a specific model of postal vehicle to find relevant listings.