Where Can You Buy Twin Star Fireplace Parts?

Buy replacement parts for Twin-Star electric fireplaces online from sites such as eBay and Amazon.com as well as the consumer portal of the Twin-Star website. Classifieds sites such as Craigslist often contain listings for replacement parts, though selection varies over time and based on location.

The first place the owner of a Twin-Star electric fireplace needs to look for replacement parts is the Twin-Star site, as it fully enforces the parts purchased or located therein. The site also contains tools that allow owners to register a product and enact warranty coverage on qualifying products.

Listings for replacement parts for Twin-Star electric fireplaces on Amazon.com contain information about the specific part’s purpose, along with any different buying options. If the part is sold by a third-party vendor using the Amazon Marketplace program, users are able to view these prices along with ratings for each seller. These listings also contain user reviews of the individual product, consisting primarily of a written review of the part.

Auction site eBay also contains seller ratings, though they do not contain product reviews. Each listing on the site is unique to the seller, and thus there is no way to organize different listings for the same product and centralize reviews.