Where Can You Buy and Sell Collectible Plates?

There are many companies that specialize in the buying and selling of collectible plates, including Glassmenagerie.com, Platefinders.com, Atoncer.com and Collectorsplates.icollectorbazaar.com. Each site offers collectors a large inventory for purchase, as well as specific guidelines for selling collectible merchandise.

Boasting an inventory of approximately 10,000 plates, Platefinders.com, helps patrons locate, buy and sell collectibles, while Collectorsplates.icollectorbazaar.com allows buyers to create a free advertisement expressing what they want to purchase. Sellers using the site must create an account specific to the number of items they wish to sell. Glassmenagerie.com has a comprehensive online catalog filled with nearly 2500 limited edition collector plates, while Atonce.com allows registered users to communicate with each other in order to buy, sell or even swap collector plates.