Where Can You Buy Postum Coffee?

Postum coffee substitute can be ordered online at Postum.com, Amazon.com and VermontCountryStore.com. To find a retail store that sells Postum, enter a zip code in the Store Locator tab at Postum.com.

Postum brand instant hot beverage is a caffeine-free coffee alternative. It is made from roasted wheat, bran and molasses. The production of Postum was discontinued in 2007 by a large food company. Since then, Eliza’s Quest Foods, LLC has recreated and reintroduced Postum, and they are now non-genetically modified organism project certified. Postum Instant Beverage was introduced to American households by C. W. Post in 1895, and it has been a top-selling coffee substitute for over 100 years. Postum can be ordered directly from Eliza’s Quest Foods online at Postum.com.

The Vermont Country Store also carries Postum brand instant hot beverage. Postum can be ordered online, by telephone or from The Vermont Country Store catalog. Both Postum and Pero instant hot beverages can be ordered online at Amazon.com.

To make homemade Postum, mix 1 quart of fine ground wheat, 1 pint of coarsely ground corn meal and 1/2 cup molasses, or dark syrup. Rub the mixture together until it is blended thoroughly. Spread the mixture on baking sheets. Brown the mixture in a slow oven, stirring frequently, until it is dark brown. Cool the mixture, and store it in a sealed jar.