Can You Buy a Machine to Make Tango Ice Blast Drinks?

Tango Ice Blast machines are not available to purchase for private use; however, they are available for commercial lease through the U.K.-based owner, Slush Puppie. Similar frozen drink or ‘slushy’ making machines are widely available to purchase from major retailers.

Tango is a brand of tangy, fruit-flavored sodas owned by Britvic in the United Kingdom. Tango Ice Blast is the frozen-beverage version of Tango soda; it is the United Kingdom’s most popular carbonated frozen drink. Tango Ice Blast, sold in U.K. movie theatres, comes in a variety of flavors, including: cherry, raspberry, bubblegum, lemon and mango. To lease a Tango Ice Blast machine for commercial use, you contact Slush Puppie, at or +44 (0)20 8578 5785.

Various frozen drinks machines and dispensers are available to purchase for home and private use. These vary from slush makers suitable for children to professional, triple-flavor, slush-making machines designed for commercial use.